CSX New England Railfan Timetable #2

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CSX New England Railfan Timetable #2 covers all routes operated over by CSX from the Hudson River Valley east to Boston, including routes run via trackage rights over Amtrak, Metro-North, MBTA, and P&W. All sidings, industrial tracks, and local freight routes are also included.

Changes for Timetable #2 include:

  • New rail lines, such as the Oak Point Link in New York City
  • Changes to existing lines such as the double-tracking of the River Line
  • Up-to-date rail-served industry information
  • Over 50 new railfan locations in MA, CT, NY and NJ
  • Improved, more detailed track diagrams
  • Updated freight and passenger schedules reflecting the latest changes and new freight symbols

CSX New England Railfan Timetable #2 contains over 270 pages, packed with detailed information. Detailed lists of all stations, bridges, crossings, and other points of interest, as well as complete and up-to-date schedules for both freight and passenger trains operating over the lines are included. Summaries of MNCR and NORAC operating rules and signal rules are also provided, along with a directory of over 100 railfanning locations in CSX territory, showing train frequency, radio channel, and defect detector information, along with maps and directions to get you there.

View a sample page from the timetable in PDF format.

Note: The file will open in a new window. Due to the high amount of graphic detail, it may take some time to fully display in your web browser.
If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download one here.

Cost per copy is $27.95, plus shipping and handling. Massachusetts residents should also include sales tax.